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The Bar

Party Hoppers are the ultimate bar set-up, ideal for any occasion, providing a professional service, second to none, complete with everything you need for your event from beer, wine and spirits, to staff, licenses and security.

Bar comes complete with everything you need to impress your guests with an amazing line of drinks and cocktails, chilled to perfection in the commercial display chillers. The bar is plumbed with hot and cold water, and wired with a stereo system and LCD TV.

Whatever the event, Party Hoppers will give it the point of difference to be remembered. Anything from a public event of thousands, to corporate functions and private parties. Party Hoppers also make a great cost effective bar solution to weddings, and countless other special days.

"With the bottle store prices, having a Party Hopper at our wedding was the best value around and made a great addition to our day" ~ Dean Baird, Bairds Collision Centre.